Creating a Bookstagram

I started my bookstagram in December 2018. Back then, I sort of had a layout but didn’t know what I wanted to focus on. It took a while to get to where I am now. There have been times where I’ve wanted to quit entirely, but as soon as I did, I knew I didn’t want to throw it all away (which is why breaks are SO IMPORTANT).

Bookstagram is definitely the book platform I’ve contributed the most time to. The most important “rule” you should have is to just do what you want to do, use your platform, listen to others, and compare yourself to you. Also, please make a close friends list!! Mine is pretty small and I really am friends with all of them.

Anyway, here’s what I wish I knew before starting a Bookstagram:

  1. It takes time to build your platform.

    Please don’t be discouraged if you see people with more followers than you. Chances are, the people with over 1k followers have been there for at least a year, and those with over 10k followers are able to post everyday. I used to compare myself to others, but now I know that it’s better to spend time on building your platform rather than spend time keeping track of how many followers you have everyday. I can write a more in-depth article on how to find your niche if any of you would be interested.
  2. Make friends!

    I have been able to create more personal connections on bookstagram because of DMs, and also because I would rather interact with one person at a time instead of a lot of people at once. Bookstagram is for you if you want to be able to find people with the same interests as you quickly. Even if we don’t know each other well, I still want to talk to you about books.
  3. Interaction is key.

    Listen, if someone wants to DM me about something in my story that they find cool, I will always be so flattered (there are exceptions if people are being creeps, but that is not what this is about). I used to just like every single post, and now I spend more time commenting (this goes for blogs too) on what I am truely interested in! This isn’t to say you have to be on Instagram all day, although I have been way more active because of summer break and quarantine.
  4. Your like to comment to follower ratio will be all over the place.

    I know people with 600 followers who get hundreds of likes and comments! I know people with 1.6k followers who get 300+ likes and around 50+ comments. For me? I have nearly 1.2k followers with an average of 65 likes and 10 comments. That is ok! A lot of people who follow me are inactive, but what matters are the relationships you make more than having 100+ people you don’t know like your posts.
  5. Post a lot at the beginning and then find a rhythm. Repeat this process after you’ve been inactive.

    Here’s the thing: This year, I had a goal of getting to 2,000 followers. Now, I don’t care as much about reaching milestones because I want people who are genuinely interested in following me and not just doing follow for follows. HOWEVER, it is ok to want to build up your platform! During March to May, I was so busy with school that I just didn’t post a lot. In July, I posted everyday and twice a day on some days, and I did gain a lot of followers. The key is to be consistent, but don’t get caught up in thinking you NEED to post on certain days. (If you are interested in a post about how to find your aesthetic or photography style, please tell me!)

Overall, that is my bookstagram advice. I really want people to feel encouraged to make one. It’s quite a nice community, and I’ve made some really great connections and friendships. If you want to reach out, you can DM me @solaceinreading_! I will not be super active this September, as I am going back to school, but will still be liking/commenting on others’ posts when I have time.

Do you have any questions about bookstagram?

2 thoughts on “Creating a Bookstagram

  1. i love these tips! i definitely agree that consistency is key — over the summer i was posting about every other day and i was actually growing versus before when i’d just do whatever lol! but i definitely think it’s important to take things at your own pace; i’ve had a lot more fun on bookstagram by doing what i want ❤

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