Obscure-ish Fears of An Online Book Person (ft. solutions)

This will probably be deleted, however, I need to get my thoughts out there:

  1. What if I tag authors too much? Well, authors don’t have to respond to me, but it’s cool if there is a possiblity!
  2. What if everyone is secretly talking about me? Ha. Everyone? This is where I have to tell my ego to go away for a moment because 1. This isn’t middle school, and 2. Sometimes your mind messes with you.
  3. What if I need a Twitter to grow my blog? Untrue. Also, somehow I hit 70 followers? Nice!! Thanks to everyone for sticking around.
  4. What if I don’t read enough? Well, most of the books I’ve read this year have been awesome since my goal is smaller, so I’d say I am reading the perfect amount because I haven’t wasted a lot of time on bad books/books I didn’t like.
  5. What if people think I’m doing this for fame/clout? Once again, my ego is in the way. Stop it, ego! I know that I am doing this for myself and no one else, and that’s what matters most.
  6. Do people actually want to be my friend? Yeah, you’ve maintained connections with people for over a year, so I’d say I am at least acquainted with them. (Note: there are so many Internet friends I want to meet. BookCon 2022, anyone?)
  7. What if all the ideas get taken? Doesn’t matter. I have the ability to put my own unique additions to these ideas.
  8. What if people are faking being my friend? Hmmm. Would someone who you’ve known FOR A YEAR fake being my friend?
  9. Am I too cling-y? Oh gosh. I need to let go of my middle school nightmares. Seriously.
  10. What if people think I’m online too much? Lucky for everyone, that’s going to change because school starts tomorrow!

Anyway, this is how I get my brain to slow down. The Internet is not real life. I will definitely be doing some in-depth posts about school so all of you can get to know me a bit more beyond reading, which is my main hobby. I have no posting schedule, except the book tours I need to participate in and a few ARCs I need to review. Other than that, expect about 3-4 posts a week, probably one to two during exam times. Thank all of you for following me!! The best place to talk if you want is through DMs on bookstagram: I am @/solaceinreading_.

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