Mini Life Update: December 16, 2020

Celebration post for my two year anniversary on bookstagram!

It has been a while. I’ve been really inactive because of school and other life things, but I am aiming to post at least three more times this month. Here’s what’s been happening in my life:


I have two days left until winter break. Honestly, I’m struggling with my research paper. Writing a literature review is complicated: you have to talk about your sources while also putting them in conversation with each other. It’s hard to get started. So far, I’ve written it, but I need to make the line of reasoning clearer.

I am proud of the fact that I finished my first dual enrollment course!! I will be taking Introductory Statistics next semester. Right now, I’m excited to have time off since my teachers aren’t assinging much work for this winter break.


Well. I have around 24-25 books to finish by the end of this year. I recently acquired a copy of A Sky Beyond the Storm by Sabaa Tahir and am at the beginning of A Reaper at the Gates. Every book in the series just keeps getting better and better.

As for the blog, yes I have not posted in a month. I love bookstagram but I need to start cultivating my site. I know that getting a Twitter would make it easier, but I honestly need to get off Twitter because I waste A LOT of time on there. Right now, I am trying to keep it as a TVD and Wings of Ebony fanpage.

There are so many books I have to review such as Happily Ever Afters, Wings of Ebony, and Clues to the Universe. Also, Make Up Break Up!! I’m really into rom-coms these days as well as heavy fantasy novels in winter. I hope to get to The Burning God and The Ever Cruel Kingdom before the end of 2021.

Overall, I need to get through these next two days and then I can really start working on having a lot of fun posts for the end of this year! I can’t wait to share my top 10 list. I’ve read 199 books this year including re-reads. Not including re-reads: 133-134, I think! My goal was 100. That includes around 20-25 DNFs (which I will get to in 2021).

How are you? Are there any good books you’ve read lately?

One thought on “Mini Life Update: December 16, 2020

  1. I’m good! My reading has slowed down quite a bit because I’m too tired after work to read much. I’ve also been working longer than usual every day.. sigh. Currently listening to A Song of Achilles, though!

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