Life Update: 3/15/2022

This is a really short post, but here’s what I’ve been up to in the two months since I’ve last posted:

  1. I’ve read 20 books this year! So far, my favorites have been: The Ikessar Falcon, The Dragon of Jin-Sayeng, Deep in Providence, and Descendent of the Crane. My least favorites have been The Witcher (honestly, I think I need to put together a list of fantasy books I want to see adapted rather than ones that have a lot of popularity already. Although Anya Chalotra is amazing!),
  2. I’e officially been working for almost half a year. I work for a book publishing company focused on academic publishing, and it’s so interesting to see how books and other materials are put together.
  3. This month, I’m hoping to read All My Rage, Ashes of Gold, and One True Loves.

How are you? What else would you like to see from my blog?

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