I am Isabella, a teen bookstagrammer/blogger who lives in a big city in the Midwest of the U.S. I am Filipino American and was adopted.

I’d describe myself as serious, driven, and passionate. (Also intelligent, but I don’t want to sound conceited.) One trait I’ve had trouble developing is confidence. I used to be a coxswain, and developing the skill of leading others helped my confidence improve. However, I quit coxing in March 2020 because I no longer felt connected or passionate about the sport. (There is also a long list of other reasons, but that is a long story.)

This moment changed my life. I now have more time to devote to improving my mental health, spending time with family, and being more involved in spaces where I feel welcome and accepted, such as my Collegiate Scholars Program, which takes place at a major university in my city from the end of June to the start of August for the summer after my freshmen, sophomore, and junior years. I have made so many great friends and connections with my classmates.

I don’t like to be too open about my life because I am a minor, however, I will say that I get very stressed during a certain time every month, so you may not see me during those times. My posting is consistent but will not be everyday since I have AP and dual enrollment classes this year (although I might try in December, but I’ve learned to just take blogging and bookstagramming day by day).

My favorite books at the moment are The Poppy War trilogy, The Bone Witch Trilogy, The Gilded Wolves trilogy, Patron Saints of Nothing, These Violent Delights, and A Song of Wraiths and Ruin. My bookstagram is @solaceinreading_, and it is truly one of my greatest passions. I would love to make friends with you and/or give you advice if you want since I’ve had a bookstagram since December 2018. This year will be my two year anniversary on bookstagram!

I am hoping to develop my blog over time, and greatly admire the people I am following. I don’t have many friends in the blogger community yet, but that’s ok! If you are just starting out on Instagram or here on WordPress, know that everyone goes at their own pace and some people have been here for 3+ years. ARCs/authors following you/certain people following you does not define you. I’ve learned to let go of forcing relationships, and that is a skill you will need in this community.

The best way for fellow readers to reach me is through dm-ing me @solaceinreading_ on Instagram! Please do not e-mail me, as I am using that for communication with book tour companies, publishers, and authors. Always remember that people are here for you, offline and online.