June Wrap Up

The past two months, I’ve managed to read over 15 books, compared to only reading four in February! I did finish school this month, so I had a lot more time. 22/30 books were YA contemporaries, which usually take me a day to read, and then fantasy novels (adult and YA) usually take me one to eight days to read. I have not read 30 books in a month in a while, and I don’t know if I want to do it again because I like taking my time while reading. However, the last time I read over 30 books in a month was in August 2019, when I was attempting to read 300 books in that year. In 2020, the most books I read in a month was in July – I read 22 books that month.

Favorite Quotes

This section will include spoilers for: An Ember in the Ashes AND A Torch Against the Night.

“You are full, Laia. Full of life and dark and strength and spirit. You are in our dreams. You will burn, for you are an ember in the ashes.That is your destiny.” – Cain, pg 400-401 of An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

“Killer! Death himself! Reaper walking! If your sins were blood, child, you would drown in a river of your own making.” – pg 8, A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

Books read

Favorites are highlighted in bold, authors who are new to me are italisized.

  1. Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart – started in May
  2. Up All Night edited by Laura Silverman – started in May
  3. These Feathered Flames by Alexandra Overy – started in May
  4. Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas – started in May
  5. The Serpent’s Curse by Lisa Maxwell – started in May
  6. Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous by Suzanne Park (ARC from Netgalley) – started in May
  7. Down Comes the Night by Allison Saft
  8. Pumpkin by Julie Murphy
  9. Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating by Adiba Jaigirdar
  10. Perfectly Parvin by Olivia Abtahi
  11. A Phở Love Story by Loan Le
  12. The Marvelous Mirza Girls by Sheba Karim
  13. Isle of Blood and Stone by Makiia Lucier
  14. The Silence of Bones by June Hur
  15. Me (Moth) by Amber McBride
  16. Of Princes and Promises by Sandhya Menon
  17. Fifteen Hundred Miles From the Sun by Jonny Garza Villa
  18. The Cost of Knowing by Brittney Morris
  19. That Way Madness Lies edited by Dahlia Adler
  20. Where the Rhythm Takes You by Sarah Dass
  21. Sisters of the Snake by Sarena and Sasha Nanua
  22. Cool for the Summer by Dahlia Adler
  23. Fight Like A Girl by Sheena Kamal (from Netgalley)
  24. Roman and Jewel by Dana L. Davis
  25. Love and Other Natural Disasters by Misa Sugiura
  26. Simone Breaks All the Rules by Debbie Rigaud
  27. The Box in the Woods by Maureen Johnson
  28. Yolk by Mary H.K. Choi
  29. Yesterday is History by Kosoko Jackson
  30. Illusionary by Zoraida Córdova

As you can see, I had ten favorites. Illusionary is the sequel to Incendiary, and now Zoraida is officially one of my favorite fantasy YA authors. To my list of favorites, I would like to add The Jasmine Throne by Tasha Suri and She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan and Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao; however, I haven’t finished these books yet (I also need to write reviews for them since I received all from Netgalley as ARCs).

Instagram Posts

I posted nine times in June, compared to three times in May, five times in April, twice in March, once in February, and seven times in January.

Other Life News

I’m going to the West Coast of the “US” to look @ colleges in August, so that’s fun!! I have to work on my Posse app as well and my Collegiate Scholars Program is starting next Tuesday – my last summer with them! I’m also hoping to receive my copy of The Chariot at Dusk by Swati Teerdhala. I went to an online event with her and Roseanne A. Brown yesterday and would love to see them in person someday!!

In July, I’m hoping to finish IW, SWBTS, TJT, Skyhunter by Marie Lu, Everything That Burns by Gita Trelease, Within These Wicked Walls by Lauren Blackwood, and Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas.

How was your June?

11 thoughts on “June Wrap Up

  1. 30 books is a lot! Congrats! So many books from that list are on my TBR haha. I’ve been in a slump in June and I read much lesser, but oh well. It’s giving me time to focus on other things. Hope you July is great!

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  2. Okay but the way that that Laia quote is the one of my favourites too and I decided to put that on my July cover page of my Bullet Journal! Yay for posting so much on IG!
    I loved Love and other natural disasters too! and ofc, Hani and Ishu’s guide to fake dating is the best!

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