How Is This Going to Work?

Yeah, you’re probably thinking, “What is THIS, exactly?” Well, THIS is the fact that school starts tomorrow, so I need to set some goals for myself so I don’t get overwhelmed/burnt out/procrastinate/etc. Listen, I am one of those odd people who love school. In fact, my school taught me about Mansa Musa, the Pacific Theater (specifically, the second Sino Japanese War), a little bit about the U.S. colonization of the Philippines, and a lot of other historical figures who others might not have learned about in high school (however, this is the bare minimum of what middle/high schools should be teaching). I’ve gotten to do final projects on the history of immigration by Filipinos to the U.S. after WWII, and influential Filipino women in WWII.

So as much as I love this blogging community, I have to make school my #1 priority, especially since this is a *crucial year* for me. Why? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. I have three AP classes, am a TA, and one Dual Enrollment class. In fact, I am TA-ing for one of the most strict but also cool teachers at my school, and I am sure this teacher will not have me just sit around and make copies. This also means I still have AP exams in May (hey CB, mind cancelling these SINCE THERE’S STILL ONLINE SCHOOL AND A PANDEMIC?!!!).
  2. I need to research colleges. I refuse to elaborate since I am ignoring this at the moment.
  3. Homework. If any of my teachers ever reads this, please go easy on all of your students. Virtual learning is very different from in person learning.

Now that’s out of the way. Here are my goals on how I will balance school and blogging:

  1. Post when I can AND want to, and when I have the energy. I know I’m going to write so many essays this year. The creative writing I do on my blog is vastly different, and I will probably use the blog as an outlet to take a break from writing in the style of writing that I’m taught in school.
  2. When I feel overwhelmed, lie on the floor for 10 minutes and listen to either calming music or music that gives me confidence. I first heard this idea during Janella Angeles’ launch of her book (psst read Where Dreams Descend to fall in love with Kallia!), and it sounds like a really great idea.
  3. Blog to blog, not for the sake of creating content. Same for bookstagram. I like posting everyday when I’m in the mood, but I can’t during this first month of school. Last year, I posted everyday in December, so I think I’ll try to do that this year.
  4. Compare myself to myself. My one thought that I need to keep in mind is that I am doing this because 1. I like books, and 2. I want to share my love of books with the world. As long as I am having fun and editing my work, I will continue this blog.
  5. Focus on SCHOOL. I put a lot of pressure on myself because for a long time, I thought I had to get all A’s to get into a “good” college. Now? I need to let myself relax. This one really nice person told me in an honesty circle that I should be more confident because I am smart and motivated. I will always remember what everyone said about me, and will remember that when I’m feeling like saying negative things to myself.

Overall, setting goals makes me focus on what’s important and what I can control. I hope all of you will stick around because I am doing a really fun post with Sumedha @ The Wordy Habitat, am a part of the Spell Starter tour by Caffeine Tours, and have my first interview with one of my #1 new favorite authors in November.

What are your goals this semester/quarter? If you’re not in school, do you have any goals for September to December?

Whimsical Wrap-Ups #1: August 2020

My favorite book of August that I own.

Everyone, I am just trying to come up with a cute name for this series of posts that will talk about my end of the month accomplishments/goals. Whimsical and Solace are words that go together-ish, right? Also, I coded part of this and now I get why the block editor is challenging.


I only finished two books: The Girl From the Well and Where Dreams Descend (WDD wasn’t even on my TBR). Both were amazing! However, I was doing so well with this readathon and then I got sidetracked by social media and now I am upset. On a more positive note, I am still going to finish PSON, WAYW, and TGW because they are some of my favorite books of all time

Books I Need to Finish in September

There are too many. Here’s a list:

  1. A Blade So Black – Since June
  2. Aru Shah and the End of Time – Since June
  3. Crier’s War – Since June
  4. Descendant of the Crane – Since June
  5. Patron Saints of Nothing – Since July
  6. The Gilded Wolves
  7. Hungry Hearts
  8. Night of the Dragon
  9. White Fox
  10. Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From
  11. White Fox
  12. Iron Heart – started in August
  13. The Damned
  14. A Torch Against the Night
  15. Goddess in the Machine
  16. The Best Laid Plans
  17. The Dragon Republic
  18. From Twinkle, With Love
  19. Late to the Party
  20. There’s Something About Sweetie
  21. We Are Not Free
  22. The Poppy War
  23. Only Mostly Devastated
  24. Now That I’ve Found You

  25. Yeah, obviously this massive TBR is stressing me out. I need to finish We Are Not Free, Iron Heart, and White Fox for sure because two of those are for book tours and I am part of the Faring Society. For some reason, I can’t focus these days, but at least I have my September TBR already set. A lot of books on this TBR are re-reads and I’m at least halfway through at least a third of these books.

    In August, I read 20 books! It would have been a lot more, but I read some really good ones that put me into a reading slump, such as:
    These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong is still in my mind. (Humble-ish brag: I got an e-ARC from Netgalley even before it was available because I e-mailed the publisher. It was my first time, and I got one of the best YA books of 2020.)
    The Poppy War and The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang changed my life and also she’s amazing! I heard Kuang speak at her TPW recap and now she is the #1 author I want to see in person.
    Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles made me feel so seen!! I finally have a fantasy character who I can cosplay as. I loved all of the descriptions and characters, and I hope Angeles will take the worldbuilding farther in book 2 because the map was an amazing surprise.

    September Goals

    1. Finish my TBR from other months: do not start any other books. See, I felt so stressed this morning because I have a lot of books I need to finish.
    2. Post at least 2-3 times/week on the blog. School starts in one week and one day, so I will definitely not be commenting and posting as much. Some of my posts will be short updates/mini reviews/lists of what I am reading.
    3. Relax and feel calm about taking time for myself. This school year will be challenging, but I am going to be off social media a lot more since I need to focus and get my work done.

    August evaluation

    I’d say this month was pretty good! My dual enrollment class is going very well and I am going to be a teacher’s assistant (TA) for one of my favorite teachers from last year. I got my first package from a publisher for Where Dreams Descend because of Shealea’s Asian Bloggers Directory!!! I also got a finished copy of We Are Not Free for the book tour by Colored Pages Tours, which is so cool (it comes out tomorrow).

    Mentally, it could’ve been better. I deleted Twitter, so that really helped me. I only want to focus on my bookstagram and blog, but mostly my bookstagram because it really is my first joy. I joined the book community to share pretty pictures of books, and now some people say they’ve read books because of me, which is so kind.

    How was your August? What were your favorite books?